UTSC Archives Legacy Collection

Students in the temporary library. Inscribed on back: Library in Science Wing, 1970s. LG-1 Photograph has yellowing, cockling, creases & dents.
Library rooms in the Science Wing
Photograph shows students reading in temporary library rooms in the Science Wing. Inscribed on back: Scarborough College Library, 1265 Military Trail, West Hill - Ontario. September 1973. Library in S-wing. LG-5. Photograph has yellowing, cockling, delamination & dent.
Library reading room
Architectural construction photograph of the temporary library reading room in the Science Wing. Inscribed on front: Scarborough College University of Toronto. E.G.M. Cape Co. (1956) Ltd. General Contractor. Page & Steele and John Andrews Project Architects. Ewbank, Pillar & Associates Ltd. Consulting Engineers. Date: Feb 2 '66. Serial: 117. View: library, reading room. Inscribed on the back: This drawing is copyrighted and is not to be reproduced without the following credit line "PAGE & STEELE & JOHN ANDREWS ARCHTECTS". Charles Wilks Photography, 1277 York Mills Rd. HI.7-7622. Photograph has surface grime, yellowing, cockling, flaking, dent, loss& adhesive residue on back.
Science Wing rooms served as a temporary library for reading & books, prior to the construction of a permanent library. Inscribed on back: Library in Science Wing. LG-4. Photograph has yellowing, cockling, crackling, stains, scratches, surface residue, creases & dents.