UTSC Archives Legacy Collection

Update on Scarborough College Temporary Quarters, pg. 1
An update given to the Scarborough Enterprise, circa August 10, 1965, regarding the temporary Scarborough College facilities on the St. George campus and the current status of building at the Scarborough campus, nicknamed "Scarab College' Pages have hole-punches and staple holes.
A Provisional Plan for Two Off-Campus Colleges in the University of Toronto, cover
Booklet outlining the proposed plans, personnel, curriculum and community for two new campuses, one in Mississauga (Erindale) and the other in Scarborough, drafted by the Off-Campus College Committee. Pages have folds, staples, and tears.
Programme for the Formal Opening of Scarborough College, pg. 1
Programme for the Formal Opening of Scarborough College, on October 4, 1966 - Tuesday - 8:15 pm, and the address given by Dr. Claude T. Bissell. Pages are folded and wrinkled.
Students at Event in Science Wing
Students walking the halls at an event in the Science Wing. Photograph is yellowing, crackling, and dented, causing delamination.
Students in Meeting Place
Students studying and socializing in the Meeting Place. Photograph is discoloured, stained, scratched, and has surface residue.
Old Biology Building
Old Biology Building being used as a temporary home for Scarborough College students, c.1965. Photograph is yellowing, torn, and showing signs of loss from pinholes.
Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau Visits Scarborough College
Pierre Trudeau greeting students at the University of Toronto Scarborough in 1971. Photograph has surface scratches, back damaged with glue, tape and velcro
Administrative offices for Scarborough & Erindale Colleges
Sign for the administrative offices for Scarborough & Erindale Colleges, located on St George St., c. 1965. Photograph is yellowing, scratched, stained, and has surface residue.
First administration building for Scarborough and Erindale Campuses, located on St George Campus
Administration Building for both the Erindale & Scarborough campuses, located on St. George Street, c. 1965. Photograph is yellowing, creased, scratched, stained, and shows signs of loss, causing delamination.
Ground Breaking for Scarborough College
Ground breaking for the Andrews Buildings at Scarborough College, on May 14, 1964. Photograph is yellowing, stained, creased, and has adhesive residue on the verso.
Moving into the Old Biology Building
The Old Biology Building of St. George Campus being used as the new Scarborough Campus in 1965. Photograph is yellowing and stained.
Old Biology Building as Temporary Quarters for the New Scarborough College
Photo shows the old biology building at St. George Campus being used as temporary quarters for the new Scarborough Campus in 1965. Photograph torn in the left hand corner
Graduation Reception, Miller Lash House
Photo of three unidentified students at a Graduation Reception on June 1970, located at the Miller Lash House. Photograph is yellowing, crackling, scratched, and has surface residue, causing delamination.