UTSC Archives Legacy Collection

Principal Thompson and Professor J. Mendelsohn Congratulate Professor C. Hasenkampf
This photo shows Principal Paul Thompson and Professor of Psychology, Julie Mendelsohn congratulating Botany professor, Claire Hasenkampf, for winning the NSERC award for 1991 and 1992. Photograph is yellowing, dented, creased. and has adhesive residue on the verso, causing delamination.
R. Pritchard, J. Foley and Principal P. Thompson at Student Common Room Opening
Robert Pritchard, UofT President, former Principal Joan Foley, and Principal Paul Thompson at the student common room opening on October 30, 1991. Photograph is yellowing and stained.
Award Winner, Diane Williams, with Principal Paul Thompson
This photo shows Diane Williams being awarded the Governor General Silver Medal by Principal Paul Thompson in June 1991. Photograph is yellowing and has adhesive residue on the verso.