UTSC Archives Legacy Collection

Program for Les Belles Soeurs, front cover
Program for Les Belles Soeurs, a play by Michael Tremblay, performed at Leigha Lee Browne Theatre (now the Alumni Theatre) at UTSC on December 8, 9, 14, 15 & 16, 2000 at 8:00 pm and December 10, 2000 at 2:00 pm. Publication is in good condition.
Principal Paul Thompson and John MacKay at Canada Millenium Partnership Program Event
This photo shows Principal Paul Thompson, John MacKay, and an unidentified woman at the Canada Millenium Partnership Program event, taking place at Miller Lash house. Photograph is scratched.
Principal Paul Thompson receiving a cheque for $10,000 from Chinese Business Association
This photo shows Principal Paul Thompson receiving a donation for $10,000 from the Chinese Business Association on February 12, 1997 Photograph is yellowing and has surface residue, causing delamination.
Student Administrative Council Campus Float
This photo shows unidentified student and staff riding the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus float in a 1992 parade. Photograph is yellowing, dented, creased, scratched, and has adhesive residue on the verso.
Leigha Lee Browne Theatre Construction
Construction of new audience entrance for new Leigha Lee Browne Theatre, which was formerly the television studio. Photograph is silvering, scratched, and has adhesive residue on the verso.
Library staff & others, Bladen library, Scarborough College
Photograph shows library staff and various faculty members at the opening of the UTSC Library. Inscribed on back - Library 1999. front row: Kristen Guest, William Barek, Elaine Tamura, Marion Hilton, back row: Prof Michael Bunce, Colin McLeod, Leslie Chan, Janice Crichton-Patterson. Photograph has creases.
Elaine Tamura & Janice Crichton-Patterson, Bladen library, Scarborough College
Reference desk in the library. Inscribed on back - V.W. Bladen Library Reference Services 1999 Photograph has dent & adhesive residue on back.
High School Medallists and Organizers for the Scarborough Science Olympics
This photo shows unidentified high school student medallists and organizers for the Scarborough Science Olympics in February 1992. Photograph is yellowing and dented.
Itzhak Shelef, Watt's Lecture
Photo shows Itzhak Shelef, (Israeli Ambassador), a Watt's Lecturer, with Abdullah Abdullah (PLO ambassador to Greece), in 1994. The topic is "The Politics of Reconciliation". Photograph is yellowing, scratched, and has adhesive residue on the verso.
Gardener with Painting of Gardener's House
Gardener with a painting of Gardener's house in Highland Creek Valley. Photograph is yellowing and stained.
Canada Millenium Partnership Program event at Miller Lash house
This photo shows unidentified people mingling at a Canada Millenium Partnership Program event taking place at Miller Lash House. Photograph is stained.
Watts Lecturer Abdullah Abdullah
Portrait of Abdullah Abdullah, Palestine Liberation Organization ambassador to Greece, who gave a Watts Lecture in 1994 alongside Israeli Ambassador to Canada Itzhak Shelef. Lecture topic: "The Politics of Reconciliation" Photograph is yellowing, creased, dented, and has adhesive residue on the verso.
Roberta Bondar, Watt's Lecturer
Astronaut, Roberta Bondar, signing the guestbook for her Watt's Lecture at Scarborough Campus. Photograph is yellowing.
Renovation of second-floor offices, Meeting Place
Photograph shows renovations of the second-floor hallways and offices in the Meeting Place, which are now the Registrar's Offices. Inscribed on back: renovations 1997, registrar. Photograph has dent.
Spring reunion event with former principal Ralph Campbell & Taimo Pallandi
Photograph of Principal Ralph Cambell and staff member Taimo Pallandi at a spring reunion event. Inscribed on front: Taimo Pallandi and Ralph Campbell at Spring Reunion 1998. Photograph has scratches & adhesive residue on back.
Costume Display at the Opera Symposium
Costume Display, Meeting Place Gallery, Opera Symposium, Scarborough Campus, 1997 Photograph is yellowing.
GRADitude Campaign Fundraising Presentation
Kristy Phillips and Betty Ferreirs, co-chairs of the GRADitude Campaign, present a cheque to Principal Paul Thompson at the Celebration of Stars on June 3, 1992. Photograph is yellowing.