UTSC Archives Legacy Collection

Scarborough College Chorus
The Scarborough College Chorus performing in the Meeting Place in 1993. Photograph is scratched, stainted, dented, and shows signs of loss.
Student Administrative Council Campus Float
This photo shows unidentified student and staff riding the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus float in a 1992 parade. Photograph is yellowing, dented, creased, scratched, and has adhesive residue on the verso.
Leigha Lee Browne Theatre Construction
Construction of new audience entrance for new Leigha Lee Browne Theatre, which was formerly the television studio. Photograph is silvering, scratched, and has adhesive residue on the verso.
High School Medallists and Organizers for the Scarborough Science Olympics
This photo shows unidentified high school student medallists and organizers for the Scarborough Science Olympics in February 1992. Photograph is yellowing and dented.
Gardener with Painting of Gardener's House
Gardener with a painting of Gardener's house in Highland Creek Valley. Photograph is yellowing and stained.
GRADitude Campaign Fundraising Presentation
Kristy Phillips and Betty Ferreirs, co-chairs of the GRADitude Campaign, present a cheque to Principal Paul Thompson at the Celebration of Stars on June 3, 1992. Photograph is yellowing.