UTSC Archives Legacy Collection

Itzhak Shelef, Watt's Lecture
Photo shows Itzhak Shelef, (Israeli Ambassador), a Watt's Lecturer, with Abdullah Abdullah (PLO ambassador to Greece), in 1994. The topic is "The Politics of Reconciliation". Photograph is yellowing, scratched, and has adhesive residue on the verso.
Roberta Bondar, Watt's Lecturer
Astronaut, Roberta Bondar, signing the guestbook for her Watt's Lecture at Scarborough Campus. Photograph is yellowing.
Watts Lecturer Abdullah Abdullah
Portrait of Abdullah Abdullah, Palestine Liberation Organization ambassador to Greece, who gave a Watts Lecture in 1994 alongside Israeli Ambassador to Canada Itzhak Shelef. Lecture topic: "The Politics of Reconciliation" Photograph is yellowing, creased, dented, and has adhesive residue on the verso.