UTSC Archives Legacy Collection

Tile Damage in Meeting Place
West looking photo of the tile damage near the double doors in the Meeting Place of Science Wing on March 4, 1975. Photograph is discoloured and stained.
John Diefenbaker, Watts Lecture
Close-up of John Diefenbaker, Watts Lecturer in 1977. Photograph is yellowing.
Students and Others Greeting John Diefenbaker
Students and others greeting John Diefenbaker at his 1977 Watt's Lecture in the Meeting Place. Photograph is yellowing and scratched.
Large portrait of John Diefenbaker, Watt's Lecture
Large portrait of John Diefenbaker for his Watt's Lecture in 1977. Photograph is yellowing, scratched, dented, and creased.
John Diefenbaker Watts Lecture audience
Audience gives former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker (not pictured) a standing ovation after his Watts Lecture in the Meeting Place, 1977. Photograph is yellowing and scratched.
Opening Event for V.W. Bladen Library
Opening event in the Scarborough Campus Meeting Place for the V.W. Bladen Library on March 15, 1982. Photograph is yellowing and scratched.