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The Digital Scholarship Unit (DSU) at the UTSC Library aligns with campus and institution-wide services, and national and international communities of practice to provide the UTSC community with access to digital scholarship services.  In the library, we work with liaison librarians to provide consultation and development services for experimentation and co-curricular pedagogy and collaborate with Archives and Special Collections for the creation of our local digital collections

At UTSC, we have a strong partnership with IITS, with whom we maintain and develop a shared Fedora/Islandora/Drupal infrastructure. The DSU is also a local gateway to the tri-campus services developed at Library ITS. Contact us to learn more about the DSU's infrastructure and services. 

Note: Digital files found on the Digital Scholarship Unit site are meant for research and private study used in compliance with copyright legislation. Access to digital images and text found on this website and the technical capacity to download or copy it does not imply permission to re-use. Prior written permission to publish, or otherwise use images and text found on the website must be obtained from copyright holder. Please contact  Archives and Special Collections for further information.