Please contact your Liaison Librarian if you would like to schedule a meeting to access one of the services listed below.  Our librarians participate on tri-campus and national initiatives relating to policy and practice and can advise or triage requests to other relevant groups in these areas throughout the University of Toronto. If you are providing one of the services below, please contact us to become part of our directory of recommended services.

Data Cleaning & Visualization

Making data consistent and clean is the first step in creating maps, timelines and graphs. Talk to unit staff to discuss strategies for acquiring, structuring, and publishing data.

Data Preservation

The Unit maintains a Fedora Repository in partnership with IITS and can support preservation of digital information.


Librarians in our unit can help coordinate larger-scale digitization projects through the Internet Archives and Scanning Services located at the University of Toronto Robarts Library. Please contact us if you would like to talk about how we can help. Reproduction services for items in our Archives & Special Collections are also available.

Graduate Student & Faculty Training

In support of partnerships and project development, the DSU trains Faculty and Graduate students to complete technical project tasks and coordinate the work of other students.

Metadata Management

The DSU can help create forms and crosswalks for metadata based on general or subject-specific schema/ontologies, and can advise on the design of workflows and dictionaries for description and access.

Project Consultation & Curriculum Development

Librarians in our unit have experience managing projects and incorporating digital scholarship methods into classroom assignments.

Project Partnerships

The library collaborates with faculty on various digital scholarship initiatives. Please visit our projects page for a review of some of our current partnerships.

Research Data Management & Scholarly Communications

Faculty writing tri-agency grants that need to develop a Research Data Management Plan can access support pertaining to methods and practices for Open Access data and publications, including designing workflows, author rights, licensing, storage, and research metrics. For more information about services, policies and intiatives at the University of Toronto, please visit the University of Toronto Libraries Research Data Website.

Software Development

The DSU tests and develops Islandora software and participates in the Islandora community. The University of Toronto Libraries are Partners in the Islandora Foundation and support Duraspace.