School's back in session!

We are always excited to see the students return to campus for the start of fall term. This fall, the DSU is involved in several pedagogical intiatives in the classroom. We're proud to support the Nearby Studies initative through Chris Berkowitz by maintaining a custom course website, through which students submit Oral Histories to a growing corpus of material covering the lives of locals as well as write and comment in a cross-disciplinary space. We are also happy to be present in Anne Milne's English courses this fall, through the DSU-hosted Hogarth Project. This project will be adding another set of images for students to annotate. Jayeeta Sharma will also be using materials hosted on her EHRN site in the classroom this fall. We have also heard from others who are using the materials from our Pedagogy Project in the classroom this year. We are grateful to the UTSC Library Liaisons for all of their hard work making these collaborations a success. If you are interested in seeing how DSU infrastructure or materials can help further digital pedagogy in the classroom, contact your Liaison Librarian.