Recent work with Islandora CLAW

The DSU have been collaborating with the Islandora CLAW team by taking part in the discussions, providing use cases, participating in the sprints and contributing to testing. For the last two weeks, Natkeeran and Marcus have also been taking part in the Islandora CLAW Sprint.


During the spring, Nat developed an ansible role in order to install activemq for the claw-playbook that's used to easily install Islandora CLAW.


About Islandora and Islandora CLAW

Islandora is a Free and Open Source Software that several institutions, companies and individuals collaboratively build.  If you are interested in learning more about the platform or contributing to its development, please contact us or the CLAW team.   


Islandora CLAW (CLAW Linked Asset WebFramework) is a next generation digital repository platform.  It is being designed to work with Drupal 8, Fedora 4, Apache Solr, Blazegraph and other related technologies.  It is a full fledged Linked Data application platform.