Let others access your Islandora VM

We’re in full on Islandora testing mode in preparation for the upcoming 7.x - 1.9 release and the release of our Web Annotation Utility Module and our Oral History Solution Pack prior to IslandoraCon.

As part of our testing, we found we needed the ability to have multiple users simultaneously accessing the same VM. Our systems administrator showed us a neat trick for those of you using Islandora VMs for testing and development. So, here it is:

Irfan's cool trick for letting others into your VM:

  1. With your Virtual Machine off, go to settings/network. There are slots for 4 adapters. By default the drop-down is set to "Nat." Change this to "Bridged Adapter" and start machine. 
  2. Login to the machine using the interface provided by the VM and find your IP address by running ifconfig -a | grep inet
  3. Provide this address to others. The IP + :8000 is Drupal for the VM provided by the Islandora release team (for example,

Note the following:

  • You now login (ssh) at vagrant@IPaddress (like vagrant@
  • Your IP might change, and you may to have to find the address again 
  • Your network may change, causing you to have to run sudo /etc/init.d/networking and restart to update the machine's IP address
  • This may have some unintended affects when performing Drupal functions

Overall, YMMV, but this has been very useful to us when testing.