Repository Spring Cleaning

Tanis Franco, UTSC Library's Archivist presented last week at the annual TRY conference on our recent repository tuneup. One of our main goals was to do an updated assessment of our repository metadata and come up with next steps to re-organize and clean up our data. Here's the poster from the conference:

New year, new semester

It's the new year which means we're getting our systems ready for the new semester! This semester, we will be working with Professor Anne Milne again in ENGD43 to support the annotation of William Hogarth's series of six pictures, Marriage a la Mode. Annotations are done using Islandora Web Annotations, a utility module developed by the DSU that lets you add text and other media to images, video, and audio content.

Questions to guide Project Development in Digital Scholarship

As part of the library's commitment to this year's  JHI-UTSC Digital Scholarhip Fellow (Andrea Charise) Angela Hamilton and Kirsta Stapelfeldt produced a set of guiding questions, now generalized as Questions to guide Project Development in Digital Scholarship. Hopefully this may be of use to others new to Digital Humanities work!


Introducing Early Modern Songscapes

We are proud to announce that beginning Fall 2018, partners at the University of Maryland, the University of South Carolina and the University of Toronto Scarborough will begin work on a prototype for the Early Modern Songscapes platform. The project is hosted at UTSC Library’s Digital Scholarship Unit and represents a development partnership between the DSU and the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities.


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